Micha Eden Erdész

Micha Eden Erdész (° 1975, CANADA) is an Intermedia artist and graduate of Chelsea College of Arts currently living and working in the Dedham Vale, AONB, England.

The Darkride; vertical rides; the ravine.

A singular cymbal remains in the same spot on the floor behind the bottom of the stairs; the massive weight of an underfloor safe door remains always open and always empty.

This is a fragment of suburban visions of Toronto of my childhood from the carpeted basement of a Downsview split-level house with a blue door, a redundant home bar partially stocked by random liquors, and beverages.

Adorning the edge of a nether-land of actual and imagined places, infected by altered consciousness[es], mutability and disappearance, I am guided by a desire to traverse interior and exterior worlds as much as diverse media.

Engaging with Intermedia creation as an aesthetic kind of anchorite technology, my work points to a subaltern layer of knowledge; some which may or may not be culture.

Categories Adhesive FilmAnimationAutoethnographyBall PenCardboard Packing MaterialCartridge PaperChina MarkerChromogenic PrintCollaborationColophonyCommissionCRT MonitorCuratorialDigital ProjectionDrawingDuraclear FilmDuratrans Film (Unprocessed)E6 Film (Unprocessed)EmbossFibre PaperFound ObjectFrottageFujiflexGaffer TapeGrab AdhesiveHigh Intensity Prismatic FilmInstallationLacquerLDPELed PanelLycraMetalMirror glassMoving ImageNesting TrayOilPaintingParatextPencilPerformancePhotogramPolyester FoamPolyester ResinPublicRA4 PaperRelief PrintRubberSculptureSilkTextileTextsStill VideoTracing Paper

PublicSylphen Trill, 2021, pigment on lycra, oil and lacquer on perspex, 00:00:05 1 single channel video on led information point, variable locations and dimensionsSo Near Far, 2011, after Zacharias Kunuk (dir.), ‘The Fast Runner’ (2001) commissioned by Newlon Housing Trust for Ashburton Triangle, Arsenal Football Ground, Holloway, London, duraclear film, high intensity prismatic film, safety glass, zinc fixings, variable dimensions

IntermediaRed carabouche, 2021, oil and gaffer tape on unexposed kodak duratran film, variable dimensionsThe Happy Games, 2021, pigment on lycra, rubber component feet, variable dimensionsI still don't know when the Sacrifice is over, 2020-2021, fujiflex film, air drying clay, grab adhesive, pigment on Lycra, 00:00:00 video 2 channel digital projection, variable dimensionsIn the Dust Cloud for a Moving core duty (diptych), 2021, pigment on lycra, variable dimensionsAlarmings Separate, 2019, lamda print on kodak metallic film, variable dimensionsLooking out the porthole listening to the chirrups, 2019, oil on fujiflex film, variable dimensionsThe Hours, 2018, oil, pigment on silk, embroidery frame, canvas stretchers, cardboard packing material, variable dimensionsMasthead, 2018, cartridge paper, found object, installation, linen tape, paper, tacks, variable dimensionsAvon Carma, after ‘The Vision of St Eustace’ (Pisanello, 1395-1455), 2018 -2016, oil and lacquer on unprocessed duratran film, aluminium, polyester resin, 00:00:06 video (loop) 1 channel digital projection, variable dimensionsOut there it folds like within, 2015, beeswax and rosin plates, pigment on silk, animation, 00:03 video (loop) 1 channel projection, variable dimensionsSupernatural Promise II, 2016,  pigment on silk, variable dimensionsPsychic Entry, 2015, pigment on silk, chrome fixtures, aluminium nesting trays, variable dimensionsIndented on my neck is a record of your infarctions,, after Jack Goldstein ‘The Jump’ (1978), 2013-2015, pigment on silk, pigment on cotton velvet, chrome fixtures, oil and pigment on beeswax and rosin plate, victorian bench frames, steel cable, variable dimensionsIons Tell / Augustine, 2015, pigment on silk, chrome fixtures, mains-powered air deionising units, mains cable, 04:45 video (loop) 1 channel projection, variable dimensionsMoth, 2015, charcoal on cartridge paper by Rebecca Snow on ventilation duct, 00:06:23 1 channel digital projection, variable dimensionsSorceress won't live, 2014, mirror, oil, pigment in colophony, mains-cord, silicon sealant, laser printer, pigment on cartridge paper, variable dimensionsGravity Ride, 2014, china marker on unexposed duratrans film, variable dimensionsFairground Violence, 2014, pigment on silk, pigment on lycra, 00:01:27 video (loop) 1 channel digital projection, variable dimensionsMultidimensionalburbia, 2013, mild steel and bronze sculpture, pigment on silk and china marker on unprocessed duratran film. Ceiling tiles, cardboard box, ceiling rails and oil on decorators sheet painting by Thomas Aitchison, variable dimensionsSupernatural Promise, 2013, oil on embossed unprocessed duratran film in gilt frames, variable dimensionsGris Hat, 2013, china marker on unprocessed duratran film, variable dimensionsWhat's it like to be a bat?, 2012, oil, lacquer, china marker, spray paint, gaffer tape on unprocessed duratrans film, mild steel, pigment on silk, variable dimensionsEscape from Arana, 2012, oil on high intensity prismatic film, variable dimensionsTungsten showroom, 2010, 00:02:48 video (loop) 1 channel digital projection, oil and lacquer on 3M High Intensity Prismatic film, variable dimensionsSafestore II, 2006-2009, oil on hand-printed crystal archive gloss ra4 paper, variable dimensionsBuda, 2008, endura metallic paper, variable dimensionsLiminal Phase, 2006, 00:00:32 video (loop) on Sony PVM-2950QM CRT monitor, oil on unprocessed e6 film, variable dimensionsSafestore, 2006, oil on hand-printed crystal archive gloss RA4 paper, variable dimensionsTwo thousand and twelve, 2005, photogram on surveillance c-type paper, variable dimensionsArc of the Decorator, 2004, fujiflex film, ldpe, variable dimensionsSome kind of foundation, 2004, fujiflex film, variable dimensions

Still ImageWeb conflict, 2023, hand-printed chromogenic print from digital fuji instax original, variable dimensionsWindow Bridge (series), 2023, chromogenic print from analogue interneg of digital file, variable dimensionsHeatwave (triptych), 2022, 00:00:00, 00:00:00, 00:00:00, still video on led panel, variable dimensionsThe Oppressive Home (triptych), 2022, 00:00:00 still video on led panel, variable dimensionsGet-in, 2022, duraclear film on lightbox, variable dimensionsFor-in, 2022, duraclear film on lightbox, variable dimensionsTemperate Edge, 2020, 00:00:00 / 00:00:00 video on led panels, variable dimensionsThere are Icons Between us, 2020, 00:00:00 video on led panel, variable dimensionsDeadfall (diptych), 2022, duraclear on lightbox, variable dimensionsInterlude (diptych), 2022, duraclear on lightbox, variable dimensionsCrown of langour, 2021, fujiflex film, 00:00:15 still video (loop), 1 channel digital projection, variable dimensionsTop Rig, 2021, duraclear on lightbox, variable dimensionsEntry to the Ride, 2019 - diptych, fujfilex film, variable dimensionsForeshadowing is like hat-trick nonsense, 2019, 00:00:00 / 00:00:00 / 00:00:00 video 3 channel digital still projection, variable dimensionsSoft Hello, 2018, fujiflex film, variable dimensionsThrough azimuth bars (dyptich), 2018, 00:00:00 / 00:00:00 video on led panels, variable dimensionsI don't know when the Sacrifice is over, 2019, fujiflex film, variable dimensionsThe Unmarriage, 2014, fujiflex film, variable dimensionsFly with me, 2006, fujiflex film, variable dimensions

PaperUntitled, 2021, ball pen on 90gsm tracing paper, variable locations and dimensionsDon't Look Now, 2017, pigment on cartridge paper, variable dimensionsThey told you not to tell me, 2013, relief print on hot-pressed watercolour paper, technical pencil on 90gsm tracing paper, variable dimensionsCrying Games, 2006-2013, ball pen on 90 gsm tracing paper, surgical tape, acupuncture needles, acupuncture roller, variable dimensionsA severed property II, 2002, plotter prints on cartridge paper, variable dimensionsA severed property, 2002, fibre paper, variable dimensions