Micha Eden Erdész °1975 is an Intermedia Artist.

“The Darkride; vertical rides; the ravine.“  

“A singular cymbal remains in the same spot on the floor behind the bottom of the stairs; the massive weight of an underfloor safe door remains always open and always empty.” This is a fragment of the suburban visions of Toronto of his childhood. “The carpeted basement of a Downsview split-level house with a blue door: a redundant home bar, partially stocked by random liquors, and beverages.” Adorning the edge of a nether land of actual and imagined places, infected by altered consciousness(es), mutability, and disappearance, he is guided by a desire to traverse interior and exterior worlds, as much as diverse media. Engaging with Intermedia creation as a kind of contemporary-medieval anchorite technology, Micha Eden Erdész's artistic oeuvre, points to a subaltern layer of knowledge; some which may or may not be culture. 

“On the work of Micha Eden Erdész”, Angela Stauber

‘‘Dialogues with the Seen’, Andreas Kühne

“They’ll never control water on the Heath”, Anna Berhmann

“World of liminal moments deserve a second look”, Alison Oldham

Selected Outputs