‘New Magical Realism’ curated by Micha Eden Erdész
7 – 30 September 2019, The Minories, Colchester, GB

  • Aleksei Kazantsev

  • Alex Mclean

  • Andrea Hanak

  • Angela Stauber

  • Anna Sokolova

  • Anton Cotteleer

  • Besmir Latifi

  • Elke Lutgerink

  • Evelien Gysen

  • Fia Cielen

  • Gemma Abbott

  • Jef Gysen

  • Micha Eden Erdész

  • Tim Dodds

  • Warre Mulder

Writer Margaret Atwood tasks Zenia of the Robber Bride (1993) with narrating wider subversive magical forces; an image reflected in a smoky mirror, whose multiple and ‘forever shape-shifting character functions as a catalyst for new and re-emergent traumas.’ (Vickroy cited in Bouson 2010: 23) Colchester, Essex may too be a city uncomfortable with her rebellious connection to Boudicca’s upending of the backdrop of Roman hegemony. Spanning two-floors of the Minories’ Grade II Tudor site, a cohort of mid-career British and European artists invoke magical alterity by exploring the tension, life and approach to subject matter between the Magic and Real.

Supported by UCC and the City of Munich.