b. 1975, CANADA

2014 MRes Arts Practice Chelsea College of Arts

2013 PGDip Contemporary Art Practice Edinburgh College of Art

Future projects

‘Supernatural Promise’ - High Chelmer Shopping Centre 2021

‘Joy and Disappointment’ - Micha Eden Erdész and Angela Stauber - Kunstverien Ottobrun 2021

‘New Magical Realism’  - Cultuurcentrum de Werft 2021

Micha Eden Erdész is a Canadian born contemporary Intermedia artist, curator and artistic researcher of Hungarian and Israeli heritage, based in the UK and Belgium. His formative influences are those of suburban Toronto of the 1980’s, particularly the carpeted basement of a Downsview split-level house with a blue door. A redundant home bar partially stocked by random liquors and beverages adorned the edge of this nether-land. A singular drum symbol remained in the same spot on the floor and behind the bottom of the stairs, the massive weight of an underfloor safe’s door remained always open and always empty.

Guided by a desire to ambiguously traverse between interior and exterior worlds through the interaction of diverse media, Erdész engages with Intermedia as a kind of sensory technology to suggest a subaltern layer of knowledge human, animal or neither. Among works in oil on rosin and mirror-glass, textiles, chrome and video, some pieces involve the dextrous working of oil paint and fine drawings onto synthetic transparencies. Eschewing the structural clarity of the artist’s architectural and philosophical training in favour of more ephemeral, ghost-like evocations, fictions are emphasised over physical viability. Tending  towards human potrayals of the supernatural in folklore, fairgrounds and horror films,  descriptions of consciousness, mutability and disappearance infect his work.

Erdész revived the fictive anchorite persona of his former residency at the Florence Trust in London returning in 2015 with a solo show. ‘Hearth and Heat’ was a re-reading of Hampstead Heath in North London as a trove of psychic experience. He has curated major exhibitions including ‘The Liminal Phase’ in 2006, in 13, 000 sq feet of commercial space in Holloway, London as part of the then urban regeneration programme, culminating in his own work ‘New_Lon’ (2011), a public intervention collectively mapping residents’ impression of the stadium living on it’s edge condition. In 2019, he brought ‘New Magical Realism’ to the The Minories, Colchester, which included Dutch, Belgian, German and Scottish painters, sculptors and installation artists and inlcuded artists supported by the Landeshauptstadt München. NMR is planned to be presented in a new format at the ‘Cultuurcentrum de Werft’ near Antwerp, Belgium in 2021.